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Farther than any has been:

The Age of Discovery at Maritime Greenwich

Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site is a unique place to explore the history of exploration. 

A fun and informative day out for landlubbers and salty sea dogs alike! 

Itinerary: The Cutty Sark, Old Royal Naval College and National Maritime Museum | Break for lunch at Greenwich Market | the Royal Observatory Greenwich and a lesson in navigating by the stars 

Prices*: £40 Adults | £30 Students & Seniors (18-21 or over 65) | £20 Children | Free under 5 years' old

Runs on Saturdays from 10 am to 3.30 pm (approximately) with a break for lunch

Meets outside the Gypsy Moth Pub, Greenwich

Part One: Age of Discovery

Strolling from the historic Cutty Sark tall ship to the picturesque grounds of the Old Royal Naval College, you'll learn about the daring exploits of the explorers, adventurers and pirates who set out across the world from these shores during the great Age of Sail.

You’ll hear of the adventures of legendary seafarers, such as Walter Raleigh and Captain Cook, the doomed Polar expeditions of Scott and Franklin and the truth behind the famous mutiny on the Bounty.

Part Two: War at Sea

Just how did Britannia come to rule the waves? At the National Maritime Museum, you'll hear about Lord Nelson’s stunning victory at the Battle of Trafalgar and what life was like for sailors in the Navy of the eighteenth century. 



Part Three: The Quest for Longitude

For over three centuries the Royal Observatory Greenwich was at the cutting edge of developments in science, engineering, astronomy and mapping our world. You'll learn of the amazing discoveries of great English astronomers and scientists, such as John Flamsteed, Edward Halley and Isaac Newton. You’ll hear the extraordinary story of the quest for longitude and how an unassuming clockmaker, John Harrison, solved a conundrum that had perplexed the country’s greatest minds for decades.

You’ll visit the Greenwich meridian, from where all time zones are measured, and discover how advances made in Greenwich over the centuries would ultimately lead to putting men on the moon.


Part Four: Navigation

When there's no land in site how can you know where you are? In the days before satellite navigation and radar, this was a question that puzzled mariners; countless lives were lost at sea as a result. You’ll learn how to plot your position on the globe using the sun, stars, sextant and compass.


  • Stroll around Greenwich Maritime World Heritage Site, London's most picturesque area.

  • Hear inspiring tales of adventure and exploration.

  • Learn about map making and navigation, and how to find your location using the sun, moon and stars.

  • Visit Greenwich's most impressive sites, including the Cutty Sark tall ship, the Old Royal Naval College, the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory, with its stunning views of London's skyline.


What to bring:

  • Comfortable shoes as you will be covering about two miles on foot.

  • Money for lunch; you will stop for lunch at Greenwich Market which has food stalls selling cuisine from all over the world.

* Prices subject to a 5% booking fee.

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