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Private Tours

If you're looking for a more personalised experience, I offer all my experiences as private tours. Private tours can be booked on a day and time of your choice and can be tailored to suit your needs and interests. We can also move at a more relaxed pace than is possible on group tours. 


The length of private tours are also more flexible; if you're interested in a shorter version or longer, more in-depth version of any tour, get in touch via the contact section to discuss options and we will adjust the price accordingly. 

Prices for each tour are listed below. Click the arrow on the image through to the group tour page to see what each tour entails.

Wonders of Civilisation:

A crash course in archaeology at the British Museum 

£330* for groups up to 8 people

Farther than any has been: 

The Age of Discovery at Maritime Greenwich 

£330* for groups up to 8 people

Tyrants and Radicals:

A political history of England at Westminster

£210* for groups up to 8 people

The Great Black Pit:
 Crime, poverty and punishment in the East End

£210* for groups up to 8 people

For groups of more than 8 people, it will cost an additional £40 per person.

For an additional fee of £30, I can meet you at your hotel or apartment and escort you to the location of the tour.**

Other perks of private tours:

  • If you choose my Greenwich tour and wish to be escorted from central London to the tour location, we can take the Thames Clipper boat service which gives passengers incredible views of London's most famous sites on its journey down river, including Big Ben, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. The charge for this is the same as the ordinary pickup fee (£30). The fare for the Thames Clipper can be paid with an Oyster travel card or a contactless payment card. Tickets can also be bought at a kiosk with cash/card.

  • On the British Museum tour you may choose to take an extended hour lunch break and dine at the British Museum's famous Great Court Restaurant. If you wish to do this, I can arrange a reservation in advance. There is no extra charge for taking the extended lunch.

  • On the East End tour we usually stop for a quick bite at one of Brick Lane's famous Jewish delis. Brick Lane is also famous for its many Bengali curry restaurants, so you may choose to take an extended lunch at one of these for no extra cost (apart from the cost of lunch of course). I can advise you on which are the best curry houses to visit.  

  • On the Westminster tour I can arrange for the tour to end at a hotel where you will be served afternoon tea. There is no extra charge for this.

* Prices subject to a 5% booking fee.

** Please note that I can only offer this service within London transport Zones 1&2. We can take either public transport or a cab to the tour location; this will be at your own expense.

private tours: Service
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